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A Keynote Speaker Who Holds The Key

A Keynote Speaker Who Holds The Key

Just today my sweet daughter, Julianna Murray, was present at a talk given by Dr. Temple Grandin. Julianna is a graduate of Texas A&M with a MEd in Special Education. She is currently in the Prosper ISD working in the Special Ed program there. She has been teaching for over 14 years and has never wanted to do anything else.

Today she met with one of her heros: Dr. Grandin.

Recently in my business as a travel agent in Houston, I began to learn about available access for families with children on the spectrum. This journey is incredibly rich with information and passionate people who are just trying to lead a wonderfully normal life.

I am proud of Julianna’s achievements as she is also the mother of two boys who constantly love her as well as challenge her.

I am looking to read Dr. Grandin’s new book: The Autistic Brain - Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed.

Check out her video for a quick insight into her remarkable life.

Cheers for Different Kinds of Minds.

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